DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — On most days, you’ll find Buddy Lohr in his workshop. 

“It’s my therapy,” Loh saidr. “If you are good at doing something, keep doing it.”

Buddy has a talent for reusing just about anything, from wood to metal parts, into homes for his feathered friends. 

“I like to watch people as they are looking at the birdhouses,” he said. “They’ll sometimes look, and they will start to grin, and I really enjoy that.”

Lohr calls them his Folklohr Birdhouses. Each one is detailed and made with his unique style and taste for the Old North State.

“That’s just me. Architects have a certain style of building, and they stick to one thing,” he said. “I always like to incorporate the state bird because I’m proud to be from North Carolina.”

Lohr’s success comes only from word of mouth. He’s not on social media, and he doesn’t even own a cell phone, but he does have an email address he checks often.

“Everybody has a talent that everyone can use somewhere,” he said.

You can contact FolkLohr Birdhouses via email at RLohr@triad.rr.com.