GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — January 22nd is National Popcorn Day! Caramel, buttered, salted, kettled and so many more flavors make popcorn the perfect snack anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you have your floss handy!

Did you know that the corn we eat and the corn we pop are two totally different kinds of maize? In fact, only one variety of corn is able to become popcorn: Zea mays everta. Chances are the corn on your dinner table is unable to pop at all!

Popcorn isn’t a recently discovered snack, it’s been around forever. In 1948 two men, Herbert Dick and Earle Smith discovered heads of Zea mays everta in the Bat Cave of west-central New Mexico. They found the oldest ears of corn in the cave which were about 4,000 years old.

They also found several individually popped kernels which were later carbon dated and shown to be around 5,600 years old. The Aztecs were known to use popcorn to decorate clothes, create embellishments and for daily nourishment. Native Americans were also found to consume and use popcorn in their everyday lives.

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