GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — If you struggle with ‘adulting,’ then this survey is for you. conducted a study on how millennials and Gen-Z are coping with adulthood. The report found that 63% of Americans feel burned out by adulthood while 63% of millennials and Gen-Z don’t know how to change their car’s oil.

The percentage of millennials and Gen Z that can’t change a tire is 48%, and 46% don’t know how to tie a tie. The hardships also extend to finances.

The general consensus is that a lot of millennials and Gen-Z struggle with managing their money. One in three are not financially independent, 27% live with their parents, and nearly one in five Gen-Zers don’t know how to write a check.

Most people in these generations, 61%, don’t feel successful when it comes to work. When it comes to quitting a job, 22% will quit without having a backup job in place.

To look at the full report, visit their website.