GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Whether it’s classic pumpkins on the porch or an all-out, full-house display of decorations, Americans are getting in the spirit of the Halloween season.

In anticipation of one of the most exciting times of the year, analyzed more than 1,200 Halloween decoration search terms on Google to identify each state’s favorite spooky decoration.

Pumpkins and skeletons reign supreme in most states as the most popular decor. Black cats were the second most popular in eight states, followed by ghosts and bats, the most popular decoration in five states.

Southern and Midwest cities are in the top 10 spookiest cities, with Louisville, Nashville, El Paso, Oklahoma City and Detroit.

Halloween might remind you of carving pumpkins. The two usually go hand in hand and it makes sense that they rank first as the most popular Halloween decoration across America.

Skeletons are another classic decoration that ranks second, with a witch’s cauldron coming in third.

According to respondents, the first week of October is the best time to get the cobwebs and cauldrons up. There are 39% of Americans who plan to do their decorating during the first week of October, but 19% wait until a little closer to Halloween, between October 8th-15th.

On average, people will spend three hours decorating for Halloween. A large majority plan to decorate the inside of their house and their front door. Exterior decorations and yard displays as well as window displays are popular as well.

Nearly half of Americans will be spending less on decorations and candy this year because of inflation, but 71% are still planning to decorate.

Almost all Americans enjoy Halloween, similar to checking out your neighbor’s Halloween decorations. Under a third of people really get into the spirit and dress up in costume while handing out candy.

Half of Americans said they take down their Halloween decorations between November 2-7, but some say the Halloween spirit dies on November 1st.