Officials addressing concerns over traffic around Swansboro schools


There’s growing concern in the town of Swansboro about the amount of traffic around its three schools. It’s prompting local leaders to act, in order to keep your students safe. 

During two peak periods each school day–drop off and pick up–traffic around Swansboro’s three schools is described as a nightmare. 

Concern over the growing congestion is a long standing issue in the town, enough to bring together local stakeholders to figure out a solution. 

“We just kind of agreed to pull people together and have a conversation, and it really gained a lot of
momentum,” Mayor John Davis said.

Last Wednesday, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office, Mayor, Swansboro Police Department and school system met to discuss solutions for the Queens Creek Road and Highway 24 intersection. 

“It’s about creating an environment where parents feel safe getting their kids to the school and to the classroom,” Mayor Davis said.

In a statement, Onslow County Schools’ Chief of Operations, Steve Meyers, said, “Working to improve traffic flow and get students safely to and from all of our school sites is a major concern for the Onslow County School System. We are excited to continue this on-going partnership with the town of Swansboro, county officials and state agencies who will be looking at a variety of potential options to relieve traffic congestion, and, most importantly, increase the safety of our students as they arrive and depart school.”

Short term ideas include asking for volunteers to direct traffic.

“They could be parents, they could be employees of the school system, or they could be law enforcement if we’re available,” Sheriff Hans Miller said. “Then we train them in traffic control and we equip them with OSHA vests, white gloves and flashlights.”

In the immediate future, parents should expect to see increased law enforcement presence from both entities.

Long-term, the D.O.T is conducting a traffic study to find improvements. Those improvements could include additional turn lanes, flashing lights and ingress and egress lanes 

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