On the eve of July 4th, a story of becoming a US citizen


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Sultan Babar knows a feeling several of us in the United States never do. Babar has worked to become a US citizen.

“It’s given me so much power, so many more opportunities that I probably would not have had otherwise,” said Babar. “You know if you look back at our family, my mom can’t read or write, she’s as illiterate as they come. My dad’s a high school dropout and only in America can those parents say ‘My son’s a doctor.”

His family moved from Pakistan in 1995 when he was 10 years old.

Babar said there are things he values as a naturalized American, like the ability to serve for and vote in his country.

Babar said, “Often times what happens is we identify ourselves more with the party for which we voted for in the last election as opposed to identifying ourselves as Americans first.”

Babar said he hopes people will unite in the qualities Americans share.

“A lot of people that have been in this country know the core values for which America stands,” he said. “It’s not the current political climate, it’s not the political climate we had 3 or 4 years ago or what we have to come. It’s the core values of America for which we believe in.”

In what some say is the most polarizing political climate in recent memory, Babar said he wouldn’t trade his citizenship for the world.

“As long as you understand those values you know everything else in temporary,” he said. “In our history when you look at that we haven’t always been right but we have always been open to hearing what’s right and making the change that’s necessary.”

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