As the weather heats up and the humidity sticks around, pest infestation in and around the home is becoming more and more common all across the East. That includes snakes, which have become a much more common sight in recent weeks.

While most infestations in homes generally involve ants and termites, snakes are no strangers to becoming unwelcome house guest.

“Black snakes, brown snakes. Of course the one that’s most scary I think in this area would probably be the water moccasin,” said Will Dorsey with Orkin.

Dorsey said they’ve received several calls about snakes in the home, including water moccasins. But he also said there were things you could do to prevent the risk of snakes, or other creatures, from getting in the home.

Simply trimming bushes to get them further from the home and picking up piles of sticks, wood, or leaves could reduce your risk of infestation. Also, double check to ensure all your vents and crawlspaces are closed.

Dorsey said some rodent infestations will actually lure snakes in as well. He said that makes it even more important to deal with a mouse or rat problem sooner rather than later.

Snake sightings are becoming more common this time of the year. Recently, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore posted a picture on Facebook of a rattlesnake near a walkway.

Copperheads continue to be the most common reported poisonous snake bite in the area. They pose a risk to people and pets.

“Baby copper heads are much more dangerous than the adults because the babies unload all their venom on the first bite,” said Dr. Linda Kuhn.

For more information on what to do if bitten by a snake, click here.