KENTUCKY (WEHT) – This year, December 10th marks one year since the devastation caused by a tornado that traveled for nearly 170 miles, leaving destruction in its wake. More than 50 lives were lost, forever changing the lives in many western Kentucky communities.

Five days after the tornado hit, President Biden paid a visit to Dawson Springs to see the damage firsthand. He delivered a televised address right in the middle of one of the neighborhoods that was destroyed. Governor Andy Beshear took the President on a tour of a neighborhood damaged by the tornado. Brandon Bartlett talked on-one-on with Governor Beshear about that day and where the recovery efforts stand today.

Eyewitness News’ Brandon Bartlett was the only Tri-State television reporter allowed access to the President that day as Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear took him on a tour of what was once a large neighborhood.

On Thursday, Brandon got the chance to speak one-on-one with Governor Beshear about that day and about the tornado that hit his hometown hard.