Online Originals: National Left Handed Day


Today, August 13th, is National Left Handed Day! Left handed people make up around 11% of the world. Although it’s rare to be a lefty, it does come with some cool facts!

Left handed people are 11 times more likely to have allergies than those with a dominate right hand. They’re also more likely to suffer from migraines and sleep issues.

Lefties also use the right side of their brain more than right handed people. The right side of the brain is associated with interests in music, art, creativity, and imagination. The left side of the brain is more science and mathematics driven.

It’s also thought that left handed people recover from strokes easier, are better at certain sports (tennis, swimming, boxing, fencing, baseball, and basketball), as well as have an easier time typing. On a keyboard, over 3,000 English words can be typed using a left hand, as opposed to the 300 typed with a right hand.

So if you’re left handed…have a great National Left Hand Day, and be proud of your rare gift!

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