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Another public meeting took place at The Sheppard Memorial Library as community members continued a discussion on potentially raising the parking fees in Uptown Greenville.

The first meeting on a Tuesday had around thirty locals in attendance, and the following Thursday meeting attracted similar numbers. People came together to talk about potential parking change. If approved, these fees might change any form of free parking to rates of a dollar seventy-five an hour with the first hour free.

“It depends on the area, but we don’t need to make it a barrier and tougher for people to come into the area. It needs to be uniformed across the uptown area.”

– Matt Hines, Local Business Owner

Not all of the attendees agree with the idea to change Uptown parking. In certain instances, rates could reach as high as fifteen dollars after 10 PM. Parking fines could also go from five dollars to twenty. Those who have E-Tag (a program that allows residents and employees in Uptown to park for free) may lose those rights as well.

As of now, no permanent decision is in place and isn’t expected until at least September.

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