Ashley-Nicole Russell has been dubbed an expert in the future of divorce.

This after her parents went through a divorce and she too went through one of her own.

The experience encouraged her to write a book titling it ‘The Cure for Divorce Culture’.

It’s an alternative to litigation.

“It’s something that happened, that made you a better person, that you moved on from and you healed from. It can be that easy. My mission is to change divorce in the country.”

Specifically divorce culture.

“So, there’s the traditional divorce model of litigation which was the only model for many years. Basically, that culture became the culture of divorce. That warzone mentality.”

She wants people to know there is an alternative and divorce doesn’t have to be a war zone.

“Most people today have no idea that they can settle outside of court and that they never have to go to court.”

Russell practices collaborative law.

“So collaborative is a settlement-based alternative to litigation where a couple may settle all their disputes around divorce in a conference room where you come up with a contract. It’s not mediation in that there’s one party that can’t give the other legal advice, there is no third-party decision maker.”

This alternative makes for happier clients and families.

“My clients are at the baseball games together and able to function together. Everything’s smooth. They let their children see that ‘we’re still here and on your team even though we are in different places’ and that’s ok.”

Russell believes ending a marriage shouldn’t be the end of the world.

“We want everyone to be able to know what it’s like to reduce the conflict, to take a long hard look at what’s really happened, how we can get the two of you out of this in the most seamless approach, in the most efficient manner.”