Online ticket service offers new way to pay for speeding tickets


WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT)- Nearly 400,000 speeding tickets are being issued per year in the state of North Carolina.

The state court system is now making it easier for those tickets to be paid. Drivers who get fined for speeding can now go online to request reducing the ticket and pay for the citation. Drivers simply log into and enter their information.

Several counties across the state are seeing the benefits of court services becoming accessible online.

“It’s about efficiency,” said Beaufort County District Attorney. “It’s a better use of our court resources. We can take some of these minor speeding violations out of the courthouse room, where we can now put more emphasis on the DWIs and other cases that pose more of a threat to public safety.”

The new program keeps the heavy traffic outside while keeping foot traffic low in the courthouse. Decreased foot traffic at the courthouse cashier’s office keeps the line short making service easier on both the public and the workers.

“I think it’s been a convenience for the customers as well as us employees because we don’t have the long lines,” said Beaufort County Asst. Clerk Vicki Gorham.

The state encourages defendants to take advantage of this service, but carefully read over your citation as it contains important information about your obligations and options.’

For more information and to access the program visit:

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