Senator Thom Tillis toured an Eastern North Carolina business Wednesday afternoon, and 9 On Your Side was the only news station there.

Tillis visited the seafood business, Pamlico Packing Company to highlight how coastal seafood businesses are hurt by issues in the H-2B visa program.

It allowed companies, particularly seasonal ones like seafood, to bring in temporary foreign workers to help with demand.

“These are jobs are ready to be done and it has a great economic impact on their businesses,” the junior Republican senator said. “But, it also has a great economic negative impact on the region if we don’t get these jobs filled and get the income and the revenue that comes along with it.”

He also discussed issues that have an impact on the state’s military population including stopping the self-proclaimed Islamic State’s momentum.

Tillis doesn’t want “boots on the ground” though he’s pushing for American soldiers to play an active role in training and advising the Iraqi Army.

“If you take a look at what’s going on in Afghanistan right now, it’s working,” Tillis said. “The Afghani fighters are doing a great job, and a part of the reason why they’re doing such a good job is they have American expertise.”

The senator also wants to accelerate the transition for veterans into civilian careers.

“A lot of times, they gain experience on the job that should allow them to get certifications and licenses quickly,” Tillis said.

He will be back on Capitol Hill Sunday to discuss temporarily extending the USA PATRIOT Act and changing the methods of government surveillance.

Tillis supports a short-term extension of the PATRIOT Act and believes his colleagues will soon after come up with a compromise to surveillance methods that will maintain the privacy of U.S. citizens while protecting the nation.