There are two other shelters in Washington: one is the Zion Shelter, which is only for men, and the other is Ruth’s House, reserved only for women and children impacted by domestic violence.

Now a new shelter, the Open Door Community Center, gives homeless women and children in Washington a new hope.

“They color and they are proud to hang their work on the refrigerator,” the Board Chairman of ODCC, Michele Mayo said. If they are living in a car, there is nowhere for them to display their work because they don’t have a refrigerator.”

Homeless women and children in Washington now have a place to call home.

“I think they are very excited, so very grateful they have a place to take a bath, food in the kitchen, and a warm bed to sleep in,” homeless liaison, Greg Singleton said.

The ODCC opened last month.

Mayo said they realized the need for the center after learning numbers of reported homeless children in Beaufort County Schools.

“I believe many folks in Beaufort Counties would be surprised if they could work with the families and children I get to work with as far as the need and loss of housing to occur,” Singleton said. There’s more of it that goes on than you would think.”

Mayo said that currently three women and four children stay at the shelter with referrals coming in daily.

With help from the shelter, the women and children hope to create a better life and find their own housing with a refrigerator all their own.

They have received grant money to make all this possible but still could use donations and volunteers.

There will be an open house at the shelter on Friday from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. where people can get a tour and learn more about their mission.