Our mild winter could mean more bugs this year


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Spring is the start of a new bug season, but for some species, the season never really came to a close. An unusually mild winter has helped many species surge back quickly this spring. Kelvin Rawls heads up several pest control crews in Pitt County.

“As the temperatures warm up, you get a lot more activity occurring with all insects,” said Kelvin Rawls, technical supervisor of the pest control company Pestech of Greenville. “Predominantly, you’ll see a lot more calls for your smoky brown roaches, ants coming in.”

But the biggest pest of them all this time of year: termites.

“They can do the most substantial amount of damage to the house and the structure itself,” said Rawls. “This time of year the swarmers come out. When they come out, you’ll definitely know it.”

But there’s one pest Rawl’s crews can’t fight off: mosquitoes.

One of the easiest ways to control the mosquitoes around your home: the tip and toss method, where you basically eliminate sources of standing water.

“Any piece of trash that will cause water to stand for over 5 days is potential habitat for mosquitoes to breed,” said James Gardner, Pitt County vector control manager. “One of the ones you see most often is people have these corrugated downspouts. If you think about that every one of those ripples inside that pipe is a little container, and they’re not going to dry out.”

April is Tick and Mosquito Borne Disease Awareness Month in North Carolina. An important reminder that cleaning up around your home is important for your comfort and your health.

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