GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT)- Thousands of students are bullied every year. 30 percent even admit to being the bully.

Pitt County parent Suzanne Creech says, “It has long-term effects on people.”

A study shows almost 50 percent of students in grades 4-12 report being bullied in the past month.

“It is a hit to their self-esteem, their self-confidence,” Pitt County parent Ronny Kirkman said.

Ronny Kirkman says his daughter was bullied for months and nothing was done.

“We approached the principal, we approached the teachers, and in most of the instances we were told that it was teenage girls being teenage girls and it would work itself out,” Kirkman said.

Kirkman says it didn’t work itself out. He believes his daughters struggle with depression and anxiety is in part because of her negative experiences.

“I did not realize how big of an issue it was until my child was affected by it,” Creech said.

Suzanne Creech has a similar story.

Creech said, “It began when she would get up in the mornings and she would cry and talk about her stomach hurting and not wanting to go to school, that’s how I realized that there was a problem.”

Creech says she tried to get help for her daughter and was given an answer just like the one Kirkman explained. Both of these cases are within Pitt county schools.

While the school system isn’t allowed to talk about specific situations, Dr. Travis Lewis Pitt County Schools says this issue is something his team takes very seriously

“We don’t tolerate bullying, that goes counter to what our mission is,” Dr. Travis Lewis said.

Lewis says it’s hard to identify all bullying because a lot of times there is no proof or documentation.

Both the parents featured in this story advise others to contact administration right away if you suspect your child is a victim of bullying.