GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – People in Greenville are demanding their elected leaders do more to make pedestrians feel safe.

This comes after a Greenville City Council meeting when public works director Kevin Mulligan presented an update on the city’s transportation bond.

The bond allocated $1.4 million for new sidewalks along Memorial Drive, Dickinson Avenue, Arlington Boulevard, and Evans Street.

Mary Basemore almost always walks to her destination and said she often walks on roads without sidewalks.

“You feel like you’re in danger because the cars feel like they’re going to hit you,” Basemore said.

WNCT 9 On Your Side found some sections of Memorial Drive don’t have sidewalks while other sections have them but don’t connect to each other.

Jimmy and Bridget Roach said they often drive past people who are forced to walk close to the road.

“I get worried about my kids sometimes because they like to walk,” Bridget Roach said.

Construction on sidewalks listed in the bond won’t begin until 2018.