Pennsylvania girl without legs goes viral for her ‘Warrior Queen’ photo shoot


LANCASTER, OH (WCMH) — An 8-year-old girl from Lancaster has become an online sensation after photos of her as a “Warrior Queen” have gone viral.

She was born without legs, but in pictures, it is her fierce look and captured personality that’s getting the attention.

La’Mareea Wadell, known as Maree may be a child, but she is wise beyond her years.

She doesn’t let anything get her down and prides herself on doing just as much as everyone else.

In a recent photo shoot, her pictures as a warrior queen have been shared countless times and even featured on Access Hollywood.

She hopes her story will help other people with disabilities like her.

“It just took off and became a life of its own,” said Maree’s mom, Angela Neal.

She had no idea what would happen when she submitted her daughter for a free photo shoot with local photographer, Leslie Dye.

“I didn’t know anything about her before. Her mom sent me [a message] that she was spunky, she likes being in front of a camera,” said Dye.

Maree did not disappoint.

“During one of the shots she goes ‘I’m going to give you my death face because it’s working for me,’ and then she just gave me that face and it just worked for her,” said Dye.

Just like that, the warrior queen was born.

At a glance, you may not notice Maree doesn’t have legs. It’s a condition she has been asked about almost daily.

“Just some people when I meet them they are like how is that girl made like that and why is she made like that and they are just curious,” said Maree.

The constant questions don’t bother her.

“I say God made me this way. He made me it for a reason and I tell them that you can do what I can do, I can do what you can do, and I can do it more.”

She wanted her friends to see the pictures but what she didn’t realize was how many friends she would make.

“A lot of people gave me compliments when they saw me. My mom went places and people were like, ‘You are the mom of the warrior queen, and she was like yeah.’”

She says while modeling may be in her near future, she has a great goal in mind.

“What I want to do when I get older is help people like me.”

She is already helping more people than she realizes.  

“She’s just — I don’t know she is a miracle. She makes me want to cry every time I speak about her and every time I watch one of her videos,” said Dye.

“I want them to know that you should always be yourself. Never try to act like somebody else and you should never think anything bad, because you are perfectly beautiful no matter what. No matter what people tell you,” said Maree.

After her pictures when viral, Maree and her mom found a lot of people with the same disability and now she is set to meet with a Paralympic swimmer this summer where she will learn how to swim.

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