SWANSBORO, N.C. (WNCT) –  “Folks don’t have a chance to see this much anymore because they’re in a hustle bustle life,” said Tim Simpson, owner of Lady Sawn Boat Tours in Swansboro.

The so called Friendly City by The Sea may hold the cure to that hustle bustle life.

“It’s just gorgeous here,” said Beth Inman of Cary.

Lady Swan Boat Tours has been giving people an up close view of the islands and marshes around Swansboro for the past 5 years.

“The water is our passion,” said Tim Simpson.

“We just decided after a couple of careers of 30 years of doing things that this is what we wanted to do to introduce more people to the beautiful environment that we have out here,” added Jane Simpson. “It’s a 2 hour marsh cruise.”

“We like to tell folks we supply the knowledge of the area and the boat and you tell us what you’d like to do and we try to make that happen,” said Tim Simpson.

“It’s just so much different from seeing the water from the land when you get out on a boat like this,” said Mark Jackson of Swansboro.

“My favorite spot is at the end of Bear Island,” said Jane Simpson. “A lot of the birds will congregate out there. It’s different every time but it’s always beautiful.”

“We’ve seen some really pretty pelicans and egrets and I think a blue heron,” said Inman.

“A lot of times we’ll see dolphins,” said Tim Simpson. “Sometimes we don’t. They have fins and tails so sometimes they swim where they want to go.”

You can also learn about the area’s unique past while you’re on the water.

“We’ll learn a little history of the area with the interpreter who is on the boat,” said Jane Simpson.

“It’s really nice because you’re going slow and you can see things more and you also have somebody explaining the history of the place to you,” said Jackson.

So whether it’s a celebration or just a quick getaway, it’s always a great day out on the water.

To find out more about Lady Swan Boat Tours, click here.

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