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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – On the surface, Marshall Dilda is just your average 22 year old.

“He’s been working at Simply Natural Creamery for 2 years,” said Bryant Dilda, Marshall’s dad.

But his journey to get here has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“When he got to about 2 or 3,” said Bryant Dilda.

“We noticed a delay in his speech,” added Angie Dilda, Marshall’s mom.

“If you asked him a question like what’s your name, he would just repeat the question,” said Bryant Dilda.

“Back then they called it pervasive developmental disorder because you didn’t hear a lot about Asperger’s syndrome and autism 20 years ago,” added Angie Dilda.

“They told us that he may not even make it through second grade,” said Bryant Dilda.

But Marshall had other plans.

“He worked hard. Bless his heart,” recalled Angie Dilda. “He would study and do homework until almost bed time every night and he would be so frustrated and so tired.”

He would go on to graduate high school, but a moment before graduation day would set the tone for Marshall’s future.

“The opportunity came for him to join the basketball team,” recalled Bryant Dilda. “He was allowed to start the game and within 2 minutes, he hit a three pointer from the corner. He’s going to have to tell you about it. I’ve never heard a building that loud.”

“That was the most awesome moment I had in school,” said Marshall Dilda.  “I was actually mind blown that I did a three point shoot.”

This wouldn’t be Marshall’s only shining moment.

“Power lifting is all about doing better than you did last time and constantly getting stronger,” said Bryant Dilda.

Marshall won first place in his weight class at a competition in June.

“I didn’t really hit was I was going for but I still had a great time and did good and had a real awesome trophy,” said Marshall Dilda.

“He’s going to do great things as he continues to grow and mature,” said Angie Dilda.

“I’m going to school for graphic design to become a logo maker,” said Marshall Dilda. “Whenever I have a piece of paper and pencil, I just decide to draw whatever I want. It’s just something I’ve been really good at and I’ve liked it ever since I was a little kid.”

“Every day he makes me proud,” said Angie Dilda. “Marshall’s a miracle. There’s no doubt. Doctors diagnose a lot of things and do a lot of great things and I’m thankful for them but they don’t always know. God can overcome anything. He can make a miracle out of anybody and he did that with Marshall.”

“It makes me feel like sometimes that there’s nothing wrong with him,” added Bryant Dilda. “There’s something wrong with everybody else, including me.”

“I’ve got great friends, great family,” said Marshall Dilda. “I can never ask for anything else.”

Many of us it seems can learn a thing or two from this young man with a bright future.

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