LITTLETON, N.C. (WNCT) – A leisurely drive through the North Carolina countryside on Highway 4 brings you to Littleton.

“It’s a small town of 650 people,” explained Stephen Barcelo who runs the Cryptozoology & Paranomal Museum.

Small towns often hold secrets, but the secrets in this town are sometimes unexplained.

“We were shocked,” added Holly Barcelo, curator at the Cryptozoology & Paranomal Museum. “We were not expecting a town of less than 650 people to have ghost activity.”

You heard right: ghosts.

“Within a year of being down here we had so many things happen,” said Stephen Barcelo. “We started seeing shadow people, marbles appearing.”

They were even more shocked to find out they weren’t the only ones.

“When we spoke to the neighbors, they all made it clear that there’s a lot of activity not just in our house but all over town,” said Holly Barcelo.

“It turns out everybody had stuff going on in their homes,” added Stephen Barcelo. “Even the mayor at the time, he goes on about how I don’t believe in ghosts but he proceeds to tell 10 ghost stories about seeing his mother in the house.”

“We figured the town, since it is so small, should capitalize on what it has,” said Holly Barcelo. “If what it has is ghosts, let’s go for it.”

“So we started doing weekend ghost tours,” explained Stephen Barcelo. “We thought it would be a seasonal weekend thing but it really takes off.”

One of the most haunted places in town is a house known as the Dollhouse.

“It was built in 1877 by my great great great grandfather,” recalled Rebie Reid, owner of the Dollhouse.

For Reid, the Dollhouse is a childhood home.

“It’s been a lot of weird things going on through the years,” added Reid.

But an encounter a few years ago was just too weird.

“Came back at 11 o’clock at night and as I walked in this doll said momma I’m hungry applesauce please and it really frightened me,” recalled Reid.

“Literally at that point I said do you mind if we do an investigation,” said Stephen Barcelo. “I couldn’t believe the activity we got. She agreed to let us open it up to the public and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

The Barcelo’s now offer ghost tours at the Dollhouse and all over town throughout the year. It’s a one of a kind glimpse into the past, but only if you dare.

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