Petition for a Housing Authority in Jacksonville is being processed


JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A petition to establish a housing authority in Jacksonville is currently being processed, but city officials say they already have one in place. Petition organizers say it started as a response to the Town Center Apartments controversy. 

One of the goals of this housing authority is to bring solutions to the table to help fix the lack of affordable housing in the city. 

“Providing affordable housing does the community good. [It] eliminates a lot of problems, and decent quality housing should not be a trivial subject,” community advocate Carmella George. 

The current housing authority is a regional housing authority based out of Goldsboro. City officials tell 9OYS it has been in place for 20 years. One community advocate says she knows there is one currently in place but questions what it’s done so far.

“I’ve heard that heard the comment that there is one place, my response to that is what have they built,” said George. 

George says this will be a public housing authority. She hopes it will bring federal money to Jacksonville and bring more construction to the city to alleviate the social problems the town’s been seeing. 

“I hope that at least starts a conversation about what can be done in solutions to solve the housing crisis, and build more affordable housing and Jacksonville, projects actually happening,” said George. 

“We will be looking at it from an objective standpoint, trying to determine whether the city should continue to operate with a Goldsboro regional housing authority, bring that back and have a City Housing Authority, or have no housing authority at all, and continue to work in a cooperative fashion with the private developers who are currently literally building hundreds of units in our community,” 

-Richard Woodruff, City Manager 

George adds if you agree about finding more solutions for affordable housing, contact your local elected officials. 

“They are the ones that have the power to get things done. And now’s the time to speak truth to power,” said George. 

There will be a public meeting in the future for citizens to voice whether they are for or against this new housing authority. That meeting date has not been announced yet.  

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