FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – In a few days, some tenants in Farmville will know their future at a housing complex.

They were served eviction notices in the fall.

It is a story WNCT has been following since December.

Now, the tenants are waiting for their fate following their grievance hearings Tuesday.

This comes after they were accused of having a banned person from the property in their homes.

The tenants say that never happened.

Farmville Housing Authority issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying that they thoroughly investigated the matter.

The statement also says that a decision is yet to be made as to whether the housing authority should proceed with legal action.

No evictions have occurred at this time.

10 families were supposed to be evicted at the beginning of January, but Farmville Housing Authority pushed that date back to conduct the hearings.

The full statement can be found below.