Students at Beaufort County Community College now have the opportunity to be enrolled at BCCC and ECU at the same time. 

It is a dual-enrollment plan called, “Pirate Promise.” 

“I think it’s a great program,” said Gabriela Adame, a student at BCCC. “I think for students it lowers the stress of getting into another college once you transfer.”

“I think it creates a clear pathway for students,” said Lisa Hill, a staff member at the college. “It makes completing their degree cost effective and this will allow students to transfer knowing all of their electives will count toward their intended major.” 

Students at BCCC say they are excited about the new transfer program. They will get to use the library services and the academic advisors at ECU. 

“So it’ll help me in my classes if I need to do research and stuff like that,” said Adame.”It’s just a great program to think about.”

Staff say many students have already signed up for this program. 

If a student wishes to take part in the program, they should contact their advisor. The application fee for ECU will be waived as well. 

“They are going to save thousands,” said Crystal Ange, vice president of academics. “They are going to have the benefit of small classes and at the end of the day their degree will say ECU.”