GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Pirate pride paraded around Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium today ready for the team to take home the treasure.

“Pirates are definitely going to win today, like Coach Mo said we’re playing with a chip on our shoulder. We lost a couple of games, we’re not bad,” said one ECU fan. “We’ve got good recruits, good quarterbacks. We’re going to take it back. Go Pirates – argh!”

“With all this how could you not win,” said another ECU fan.

People even braved the rain. “You guys came out despite the rain? Yes absolutely!”

From the younger pirates, to the veterans, everyone packed the tailgate lots with their purple and gold.

“Argh! My whole room is Pirates,” said the young Pirate fans.

“It’s my first Pirate game, I am excited,” said one fan.

“I went to ECU, my wife went to ECU, got her Masters from ECU, my son got two degrees from ECU, my daughter got her degree in May from ECU,” said an ECU tailgate veteran. “We kind of got a saying in my house, you go to ECU or you don’t go to college.”

All fans were met with fierce competition before they even sailed into the stadium.

“Are the Pirates going to win tonight? Yes…yes…absolutely, said Pirate fans. “No,” said a JMU fan in response.

“We’re going to win 28 to 13,” said one confident ECU fan. “JMU is going to win 35 to 17,”  said one confident JMU fan.

The fans are confident the Pirates will make JMU walk the plank. “I always believe the Pirates are going to go undefeated every year, win the national championship.”