Pitt Co. political leaders stress unity after divisive Trump victory


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Despite the decisive election, Democratic and Republican leaders in Pitt County do agree on one thing: if America is going to move forward, everyone has to put their differences aside.

“We were on different teams yesterday, but tomorrow we need to be on the same team,” said Sonny McLawhorn, Pitt County Democrats chairman.

Pitt County Republicans chairwoman Ginny Cooper said the country needs to give president-elect Donald Trump the opportunity to succeed.

“I would say the same thing to the Republican Party that I would say to the nation and to the state,” said Cooper. “Give him a chance, let’s see what he does.”

Trump is the first president-elect to have no political background or military experience. He will officially take office January 20.

Both parties couldn’t stress enough how important it was for America to come together, saying it is the only way the country will get anything done.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spent time campaigning in North Carolina, and while Pitt County went blue, the majority of the state voted for Trump.

Despite the potential for our country to have a woman president for the first time, many of Clinton’s female counterparts voted against her.

Exit polls showed more white women checked Trump’s box on the ballot.

He had a 53 to 43 percent edge among those voters.

ECU political science professor Carmine Scavo said the numbers don’t make sense, considering Clinton is a female and so many have accused trump of degrading women.

Scavo said there is a good chance many voters changed their minds at the last minute.

“So it may have been that there were a number of women who earlier in the race thought well ‘Maybe I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton, or maybe I’m undecided’…but at the last minute said well I’m a Republican. ‘I’ve got to back the Republican candidate.’”

Scavo said a number of undecided voters could have also chosen Trump at the polls.

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