Pitt County Animal Shelter set for expansion and renovation


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — More animals may have a second chance at life and it’s all because of an expansion at the Pitt County Animal Shelter, expected to be complete in a year.

“I’m most looking forward to having a better facility that one is up to code,” said director, Michele Whaley. “We have struggled with keeping up to state standards and the way they need to be kept up with.”

It will be a shelter not only up to standard, but also one with more kennels, an outdoor play area, and a separate cat room away from the stress of barking dogs.

“It’s going to make It a nicer place to come look at the animals but also provide them with the things that they need,” said Whaley. “For example, have a separate outtake versus intake area, which will help with disease control.”

It’s a project that needs to be done and has been talked about since 2014 but will be expensive, costing the county around $2 million.

“It includes design fees, fees for maps and everything else that has to be done for the project to become a success,” said county engineer, Tim Corley. “There will be a new entrance off county home road…so you won’t have to use the convenient site.”

All of these changes may sound great, but some of these additions have been cut including a cat patio and an industrial washer and dryer which is why Pitt County Animal Shelter needs your help.

“We are going to ask the community to help us outfit and give us the supplies that way need,” said Whaley.

Supplies will help a larger shelter function, such as medical fees, beds, water bowls, food and much more.

“It is a community building and a community project so its going to belong to all of us,” said Whaley. “I hope they will come by and see the progress being made but there will be times operations will be impacted a bit.”

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