Pitt County Schools focus on security upgrades


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – School starts in just 3 days and experts say parents can feel confident that their kids’ schools are safe.

Crews have been working over the summer to make sure each school is secure. Security specialists say they’re doing everything they can to make sure when parents drop kids off at school Monday, they know they’re safe.

Staff members have been training on new policies like revised lockdown drills and updated crisis manuals. All school systems in the state were required to have a panic alarm system up and running by July.

All school visitors must sign in. Some schools have an electronic system, which runs a background check first. This will be added to all schools in Pitt County hopefully by the end of the school year.

Security Specialist Jeff Hudson says all Pitt County schools have cameras, but many need some work.

“We’re evaluating where we need more. We’re working, doing replacements as we need them. We’re putting monitors in. We’re putting kind of like buzz-in systems at each of our schools; most of our schools have them. But we’re always continuously changing those efforts due to the nature of society changing and forcing us in a new direction,” Hudson said.

Hudson says they’re constantly working to make sure your kids are safe.

“When a parent drops their kid off at Pitt County Schools, that parent feels comfortable saying that ‘hey, my kid is going to be looked out for for the next, duration of the day.’ it just makes them feel secure. You know we’re doing our best that we can to secure the safety of the students and staff,” Hudson said.

WNCT reported earlier this year on Pitt County Schools’ plan to make each school’s entryway safer.  School leaders are still working to secure funding and hope to start construction as soon as possible.

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