WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Conservatives in the house are calling on the Senate to pass legislation that would ban trans athletes from participating in school sports.

The national effort targeting trans kids is prompting LGBTQ+ advocates to declare a state of emergency. Republicans are demanding a national ban on trans athletes in school sports.

“I’m horrified,” said Illinois Republican Rep. Mary Miller. “Our girls deserve safe locker rooms and fair opportunities in athletics.”

The group was joined by women athletes, who say they were wronged after being forced to compete against trans women. Taylor Silverman, a competitive skateboarder, said Congress must act to protect women.

“I was bumped from first place to second, and it was a different male each time,” said Silverman. “Going through this was mentally tormenting.”

Although house Republicans already passed the bill in April, it stands little chance in the Democrat-led Senate. But that’s not stopping Republicans in state legislatures across the country from enacting their own set of bans.

“We’re really reaching a crisis point,” said Cathryn Oakley with the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ civil rights group.

The group calls the campaign against trans athletes, especially trans kids, disingenuous.

“This is so much fear and misinformation about issues that are invented in order to drive wedges between folks and make people afraid,” said Oakley.

She said this year alone, states passed more than 70 laws targeting LGBTQ+ Americans. It’s why her organization declared a state of emergency Tuesday.

“It’s really scary for folks,” Oakley said.

In April, the Biden administration proposed a rule that would restrict schools and colleges from enacting bans of transgender athletes. However, that proposal is currently under review.