GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Lawmakers in North Carolina are looking to make the punishment worse for those who put emergency first responder’s lives in danger.

House Bill 34, called the “Protect Those Who Serve and Protect Act,” will increase punishment for those who shoot at unoccupied emergency vehicles and personnel while they perform their duties.

Eastern North Carolina District 12 Rep. Chris Humphrey is a sponsor of the bill. Humphrey said that if this bill gets passed, the punishment would increase the felony classification and lengthen the prison sentence. He added that he hopes this will make people think twice before committing the crime.

EMS worker released from hospital, suspect charged with attempted murder after shooting

“But when you have unarmed EMT’s out in the field trying to save somebody’s life, they’re putting themselves in tough situations sometimes,” said Humphrey. “In this day and time, these folks are gonna need all the protection they can get.”

Humphrey said that he hopes to keep pushing the bill over the finish line and past and that the bill has the majority support in the State House, with a vote of 112-3.

The bill is still in the Judiciary on the Senate floor. If the bill passes, it will take effect on December 3.