RALEIGH, N.C. (WSPA) – A trio of North Carolina senators, including one from Rutherford County, have introduced a bill to ban one of the biggest problems facing youth sports. No, not parents yelling at volunteer referees, or orange slices as a post-game snack.

The senators are looking to ban a problem much worse – participation trophies.

A bill filed in the North Carolina Senate on Thursday by Republican senators Timothy Moffitt, who represents Henderson and Rutherford counties, Eddie Settle and Bobby Hanig would forbid recreationally leagues run by city and county governments from giving young athletes trophies or awards based solely on their participation in youth sports.

“Awards provided in connection with the activity, if any, shall be based on identified performance achievements,” the bill reads.

7NEWS reached out to Moffitt’s office for a comment on the bill. We will update this story if he responds.