GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — People in North Carolina aren’t happy with President Joe Biden’s time in office. 

An October Civitas poll shows 56% of voters disapprove of his performance. Poll results show the economy is a driving factor, with 63% of voters saying it is getting worse. Biden’s poll numbers are also down with the way he is handling jobs sitting at a 57% disapproval rating. 

People also believe the U.S. is headed down the wrong track. Voters have issues with how school boards are handling mask mandates and curriculums. 

“Generally speaking, would you say things in the United States are headed in the right
direction or off on the wrong track?”

Right now, one of Biden’s answers to the economic issue is called the “Build Back Better” agenda, which is currently stalled in Congress. Although it’s Senate Democrats stalling legislation, it’s also affecting Biden’s reputation as a dealmaker, calling into question his closed-door and behind-the-scenes conversations with members of his own party.

“If he’s doing that, and not getting any tangible results from it, then certainly that strategy in itself is called into question,” says Mitch Kokai, a Senior Political Analyst at the John Locke Foundation.

Overall, in a battleground state like North Carolina, these poll results show a favorable midterm election for Republicans next year. 

Read the full poll results here.


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