Rep. Murphy, Butterfield release statements, congratulate Biden, Harris


G.K. Butterfield, left, and Greg Murphy (Campaign photos)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WNCT) — Congressmen Greg Murphy and G.K. Butterfield congratulated President Joe Biden on taking the oath of office on Wednesday.

Murphy could not attend Wednesday’s inauguration due to his wife’s recent surgery. Instead, he issued a press release about the ceremony and his thoughts moving forward.

“Today, America demonstrated that even in the most divisive of times, we are committed to carrying on the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power. I wish President Biden the best of luck during these next four years. It is my prayer that this nation heals and thrives in the upcoming years.

“President Biden’s speech today, in a vacuum, was, in words, a unifying message that the country needed. Unfortunately, however, his divisive executive actions today completely cut against the warm rhetoric, particularly his decision to rescind the Keystone XL Pipeline’s permit. This needless action will crush thousands of jobs and will not serve to help the environment in any meaningful way. So many environmental safeguards have already been agreed to and were in place. We had a good place that balanced environmental concerns and energy self-dependence.

“Taking a pipeline away doesn’t make anyone drive their car less or heat our homes less. The U.S. has led the world the last decade in cutting greenhouse emissions. Led the world. Instead, these actions will only lead to increase our dependence on oil from foreign countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabi who do not share the U.S. and Canada’s commitment to cleaner energy. These actions are good for symbolism, but the only true result will be the loss of jobs and the creation of more government dependency.

“In addition, President Biden’s proposed COVID-19 relief package, which incentivizes people not to get back to work, highlights the radical direction in which I am afraid he intends to take this country. We need to get people back to work. Employers are begging for workers to come back. It is totally absurd that now some will be paid more to sit at home and collect a government check rather than go back to work and help themselves and the economy. If these and similar actions are what we are to expect from this new administration, we will reverse trends we have enjoyed of great economic growth and personal independence to substitute them for economic stagnation and government dependence. I will vigorously oppose a leftward progressive lurch in our country where the government believes that it knows better than that average citizen on how best to run their lives.”

Butterfield was at Wednesday’s inauguration. On his website, he released the following statement:

“Today, Joe Biden will take the solemn oath of office and assume the role of President for all Americans. Kamala Harris will make history as the first woman and first person of African American and South Asian descent to ever serve as Vice President of the United States. In a historic voter turnout, this election was truly a victory for the people and by the people.

“It is time to get to work for the good of all Americans. It is time to restore civility, decency, and bipartisanship to our public discourse and the legislative process. With a pledge to rebuild, repair, and unify, I am encouraged and excited about the vision and direction of this new administration under the leadership of President Biden and Vice President Harris. They are hitting the ground running by tackling the challenges surrounding the pandemic and fulfilling the pledge to Build Back Better. I look forward to supporting the efforts of President Biden as he leads our nation forward.”

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