PRINCEVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Princeville is one town still left in the path of devastation from Hurricane Matthew. Empty houses line the streets, waiting for families to come back and make them homes again.

NC State design teams, engineers, and other state leaders joined in on a five day workshop today to revitalize Princeville.

They will partner with the community to plan out a 52-acre piece of the land the state intends to buy, to bring business back to the town.

Federal Emergency Management Agency also has a hand this workshop, assisting the community’s efforts. “Envisioning what the future might be and working toward that goal,” said Libby Turner, FEMA federal coordinating officer. “Supporting the state of North Carolina because that is our role in their efforts and it is a great thing.”

The community’s wants to preserve Princeville’s rich history within these plans. Locals will join in on the development and planning tonight in order to keep the memories alive throughout the town.