GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – According to statistics, more than 24 million children in America live without their biological father in their home. A new program in Pitt County is working to change that statistic by offering a free class to get dads back in their child’s life.

“Every child needs a father in their life,” said Jason Carattini.

The Pitt County Fatherhood program provides all the resources and support for men to get back on their feet.

“Trying to deal with their kids in court cases, employment skills, and just trying to do the holistic father approach,” explained Aaron McGlon.

The eight week course teaches dad’s how to become an active parent and communicate with the other guardian.

“It taught me how to deal with discipline. In this era, it’s a big deal and a big thing because now you can’t just discipline, you have to take something away.”

Now that Carattini is more involved in his son Timothy’s life, he wants full-time custody to make sure the nine-year-old is never without his dad.

Carattini said, “When he gives me hug, or when he wakes me up in the morning and says daddy, I love you. That is my biggest thing. I love that.”

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