GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Raekwon Blount, one of the suspects in the Hustle Mart triple murder, has accepted a plea deal for his role in the incident.

It happened Wednesday afternoon in a Pitt County courtroom.

Blount pleaded guilty to three counts of 2nd-degree murder and one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Blount was sentenced to a minimum of 115 months and a maximum of 150 months with credit for time served. He was also ordered to pay attorney fees in civil judgment.

Blount was 14 years old at the time of murders. Prosecutors said he was used as a decoy in a plot to rob a drug dealer before abandoning that plan and robbing the Hustle Mart.

He went into the Hustle Mart brandishing a weapon, but ran out when Antwan Anthony started firing, prosecutors said.

District Attorney Kimberly Robb acknowledged he was unaware anyone would be hurt in the robbery.

Blount previously testified against both Anthony and Willie Whitehead.

Robb also stated that because Anthony and Whitehead are validated gang members, that Blount’s life will always be under threat for retaliation.

She advised the judge to alert the DOC to not house Blount in the same prison as either Anthony or Whitehead.

When given an opportunity to speak, Blount said he wished to attend school and learn a trade while incarcerated, before taking college courses and entering a career of welding when released.

Judge J. Carlton Cole, who presided, asked Blount what he would suggest his punishment be if their roles were reversed.

Blount said he’d advise the judgment be only for the part he played. Blount said the judgment should be “hard, but fair’ and he was “trying to get another chance.”

Robb said Blount has apologized to her, also in a statement, and while testifying in front of the victim’s family.

Cole told Sheriff Neil Elks who was sitting in the crowd that “this is an Old Testament case that deserves justice.”

Blount’s mother was also present and sat before him. She declined to speak when given the opportunity.

In September, Blount testified in the trial of  Willie Whitehead that he waited in the car while they went inside the store along with Antwan Anthony, who pulled the trigger and killed three store employees. Anthony was sentenced to death for his role in the case earlier in the year. Whitehead was also found guilty and sentenced to three counts of life in prison for his role in the incident.