Receiving positive affirmations through game of ‘Quick Ball’


Kids here in the east are getting the chance to play Americans favorite pastime; learning more than a sport.

5 Teams, 3 Counties and, 1 Trophy.

Devyn Tabourn is not only ready to win but also meet new friends.

“I’m not only excited about winning but because we have all the new teams we didn’t know this at first so when we were put together on all these teams we learned to come together and talk to each other,” said Devyn Tabourn, Play Ball Participant.

Tabourn is one of 75 kids from across the east who participated in first 3 County Quick Ball Tournament.

A collaborative event hosted by the Jackie Robinson Baseball League, Greenville Recreation and Parks and, The Boys and Girls Club.

“So with Quick Ball if you have skills or not you can aim to hit the ball but even if you don’t hit the ball you still run you still are still able to win. Some of the kids’ skill levels differ,” said Norma Warren, Jackie Robinson Baseball League

These kids ages 9 to 13 are learning more than a sport; life lessons.

“Because if you don’t work with a team you can’t do things with them you can’t cooperate so you got to work together and other things,” said Warren.

And positive affirmations.

“But in life, you are introducing the whole concept of preparing yourself to hit and win,” said Warren.

Not only is Tabourn excited about the tournament.

He’s preparing for his future.

“I don’t want to stop when I’m 13. I want to be an MLB player,” said Tabourn.

And he’s on his way to winning because he stepped up to the plate.

“And what we want to make sure happens when everybody gets ready to leave here today,” said Warren. Trophy or not you need to know when you walk out this door you’re prepared to be a winner because you showed up and you showed out.”

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