Red Oak Community Rural Fire Department installs knox boxes


During emergencies, doors and fences stand in the way of fire crews trying to help those in need.

The Red Oak Community Rural Fire Department is urging commercial businesses to invest in a tool that could save both their property and lives in the case of an emergency- that tool is a Knox Box.

“Knox Box is an entry device that allows us to gain access into a commercial or residential structure in the event of an emergency,” said Alex Yates, Fire Engineer with Red Oak Fire Department.

The tool is a small box placed on an exterior wall that can securely hold keys to entry ways. The fire department says the boxes are completely safe and secure and the whole process of using them is monitored. When they are dispatched to an emergency, a firefighter can easily access the box by using a master key. To obtain the master key to the box, a firefighter uses a unique code to them that they type into a panel inside the fire truck.

So far, 5 buildings in the red oak fire district have the boxes. The fire department says there are more than 130 businesses nearby that could utilize them. There are also smaller, less expensive options for residential homes.

The fire department says they are a great tool especially when there are false alarms or emergencies in the middle of the night when no is around.

“It allows us to keep from tearing up doors, gates or anything like that and barriers that might get in our way,” said Yates.

If you’re interested in investing in your own Knox box for your home or your business, you should contact your local fire station.

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