Rep. Walter B. Jones calls for full release of JFK documents


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Earlier this month, eastern North Carolina Congressman Walter B. Jones and Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grasserly called for a full public disclosure of documents related to the JFK assassination.

Some documents were released Thursday, but others remain classified.

“This is a start,” said Jones. “A lot of information the American people will have access to, experts on the assassination will have access to. I just think to a certain point that those agencies that are not willing today, but will have to six months from now, must have something to hide.”

Jones said he plans to continue to push for full disclosure.

“I want to see all of the information released,” said Jones. “I will be sending a letter this afternoon to the White House, to President Trump, first thanking him and asking him to please keep his word and mak(e) sure that all of the information, including the CIA, will be made available to the public.”

Jones said former President George Bush Sr. signed a law in 1992 that all of the information regarding the JFK files would be publicly released by October of 2018.

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