Residents of Pitt County road frustrated by pothole problems


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Whichard Cherry Lane Road in Pitt County is full of potholes that force drivers to swerve around them and deliver a nasty bump to those who don’t.

Residents said told 9 On Your Side they are frustrated and want a permanent fix.

Although there are not many houses on the damaged road, it is interrupting traffic back and forth.

NCDOT Highway maintenance engineer Jordan Davenport said the NCDOT recognizes this.

“It has experienced a high volume of heavy truck traffic in the recent months,” said Davenport. “And I feel like that is probably a contributing factor.”

But truck traffic, to which residents attribute the potholes, isn’t the only problem.

“The sub-base of the road is probably very close to the water table and that definitely does not help you from a structural standpoint of the roadway,” Davenport said.

Water rising to the road allows it to crack easier, especially with the added pressure from the trucks.

“It is scheduled to be resurfaced by 2019,” said Davenport. “We have had some discussion about possibly moving that up or scheduling some type of repair in the more near future than that.”

Earlier Thursday, construction crews were filling the holes with a mixture of sand, dirt and rock, so when they come along to do asphalt, the road will be level and ready to go.

“Try to be patient with us,” said Davenport. “We’re trying to do all we can to keep it patched up in the meantime, and we are working to try to do something to get a better fix on it, but I do appreciate your cooperation and patience until we’ve reached that point.”

People who live on the ends of the street said they think the road will deteriorate by 2019 because of people who speed along the road.

So they are asking drivers to slow down

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