SC man rescues dog during Hurricane Dorian


FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – As Hurricane Dorian made its way through the Grand Strand and the Pee Dee on Thursday, Badi Ellis noticed something unusual.

“Well I was actually on my way home from doing a rescue with Lucky Dog and I was driving down the road I saw a dog that was tied to a tree in front of the yard and as I passed by it was pouring down rain so I turned around,” said Ellis.

When he saw the conditions the dog was in, Ellis decided to help him.

“He probably had maybe three or four foot of rope but with no shelter, nothing that was giving him protection from the weather and it was raining pretty hard at that time,” said Ellis.

Ellis tells News 13 he knocked on the owner’s door and when they answered, they weren’t sure what was going on.

“Originally I was going to pay. I was going to pay whatever she was going to offer, but when she opened the door I noticed she had a bunch of tattoos and since I do tattoos, I figured to offer her a gift voucher for the shop and once I did that she’s like, here you go,” said Ellis.

By doing this good deed, Ellis thanks one special organization.

“From what I did that morning, you know helping Lucky Dog out and observing what they were doing it really lit a fire on me to do something, so when I saw the dog shivering, I couldn’t go back home,” said Ellis.

The organization and Ellis tell News13 they’re looking for his forever home, but in the meantime “Ruffles” is staying with Ellis.

“If he needs help finding someone to adopt the dog we’re more than happy to help find this little guy a great home,” said Mirah Horowitz, founder of Lucky Dog.

If you would like to learn about the organization Lucky Dog, click here.

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