School Board to enforce anti-recruitment atmosphere

School Board to enforce anti-recruitment atmosphere (Image 1)_13096

Some athletic directors feel sidelined after the school board votes against an athletic moratorium for transfer students.

Although a sit out won’t be in effect for students, the school board put everyone on notice saying that there would be severe consequences if recruitment practices were found.

“People could lose their jobs and if they do recruit, they need to be fired.” Mary Blount Williams said a day after the board voted down her measure to impose a one-year moratorium. 

On Monday, the board directed Superintendent Ethan Lenker to send schools a notice of the consequences. 

“Recruitment from one school to another has been tragic, when I say tragic, deaths have been involved.” Williams said.

The school board is attempting to crack down on common recruitment practices; some believe will result from J.H. Rose’s open enrollment policy.

“When you have impressionable minds like young athletes, it’s their friends that concern you with.” North Pitt’s Assistant Athletic Director Brent Wooten said. He spoke weeks ago in opposition of JH Rose’s Open Enrollment policy the night of the vote.

On Tuesday he says he did not support a sit out, but would like leaders to find another solution.

“I just think that’s you know taking something away from a student that shouldn’t be taken away from.” Wooten said.

Blount-Williams says it was never her intention to hurt students, her proposal took aim at a problem many brought to the table. 

“My intent was to allow a child and their parents to receive choices for one and to  get the best education possible,” she said. 

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