School budget under review by Onslow County commissioners


Onslow County school board members unanimously voted last week on the 2019-2020 budget.

A $2 million increase in the Local Current Expense budget will go to salary adjustments and benefits. Funds will also go to the district’s biggest priorities: math education, mental health counseling, and school security improvements.

The county’s superintendent is also asking county commissioners to consider approving $3 million to maintain school facilities as part of the Capital Outlay budget. 

“This is to take care of what we already have to replace vehicles that need to be replaced such as buses, this is to fix roofs that need to be replaced that weren’t covered by insurance by Hurricane Florence,” said Brent Anderson, Executive Director of Community Affairs at OCS.

The budget proposal is in the hands of the county commissioners now. They have until June 4th to approve or deny budget requests.


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