Scorching heat continues, death toll rises



(CBS News/AP) —  A brutally hot weekend has cities across the Midwest and East Coast bracing for potentially record-breaking temperatures. Multiple people have died, including a 32-year-old former NFL champion who succumbed to heat stroke in Arkansas.

Additionally, a young man and middle aged woman from Baltimore, Maryland lost their lives to heat-related illnesses.

New York City has cancelled the OZY Fest and triathlon planned for this weekend and asked residents to keep their air conditioners set at 78 degrees in anticipation of power outages.

Dozens of cities and towns have issued weather warnings or watches, reminding residents to avoid the sun, stay hydrated and utilize cooling centers for relief.

Public health professionals and environmental activists have long warned about the effects of extremely hot summers.

The financial community is increasingly concerned as extreme weather, which is projected to become more common, is likely to have a huge impact on the U.S. economy in the coming decades.

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