NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A number of security measures will be in place during the NFL Draft weekend.  

Butch Spyridon with the NCVC told News 2 that those entering the secure area between 2nd and 1st Avenue will be going through metal detectors. The general public entering the surrounding footprint at 5th Avenue will be searched and wanded as if you are going to one of our 4th of July or New Year’s events.  

While businesses downtown expect it to be a bit chaotic with the massive crowd, they trust that the city will have it under control.  

“We are not really concerned about security every time we have these big events down here metro does a really good job at setting up security checkpoints and they have a lot of officers present, they even put officers on the rooftops. We always feel safe when we have these really large events down here,” said Jim Stimson General Manager of The Stillery on 2nd ave.  

There will also be a number of barriers in place for the draft weekend, to assure no one interferes with the party. 

“There will be jersey barriers which are the concrete barriers, there will be delta barriers which are the hydraulic barriers that police have, yes there won’t be any ATV riders riding in this time,” said Spyridon.  

In addition to security guards, there will be a number of officers working overtime that weekend.  

Spyridon says they will be making a donation to the Metro government to help ease overtime cost for staffing the event.  

He says right now they are looking at $200,000 for police and $100,000 for the fire department.