Man arrested following security threat at Fort Bragg



A man is under arrest after he sparked a security threat at Fort Bragg on Monday.

Col. Larry Dewey, Fort Bragg’s director of emergency services, said a man in his early 20s approached the gate in a pickup truck.

The man could not produce proper identification and gave multiple names.

The man is not a soldier and not related to a soldier.

A suspicious locked container was found in the pickup truck, Dewey said.

The contents of that package is under investigation.

“It could be a weapon, it could be ammunition. We’re not sure what’s in that container,” Dewey said.

K-9s were not brought out to search the package but an electronic device gave officials enough signal to warrant the closure.

The colonel called Fort Bragg’s response a “normal security precaution.”

The All American ACP reopened just before 6 p.m.

The man who was arrested is being held at the Harnett County jail.  

The access point is located on the All-American Freeway before its intersection with Gruber Road on post.

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