Duplin County officials now confirm six people died trying to drive through high water.

The water from the Northeast Cape Fear River is slowly going away, but the frustration for residents is quickly rising.

On Tuesday, Billy and Rita Sanderson waded in the water to see the home they’ve lived in for almost three decades on Hallsville Road in Duplin County.

“That thing is a total loss,” Billy Sanderson said as he looked at his house.  “It’s just hard to explain. You going to have to start over that’s all we can do.”

The Sandersons had massive water damage by Floyd in 1999.  They raised their home a bit higher, but unfortunately, not high enough.

“It’s a mess,” Sanderson added.  “That’s the best thing I can tell you right now.”

One county over, Jacksonville resident Alya Zayas is worried about her home. 

“I’m just hoping my house is there,” said Jacksonville resident Alya Zayas.  “All the roads are completely closed.”

Zayas wants to get back to her house.  

“So much of what I’ve grown up on is gone,” Zayas said.  “It’s really sad to see.”