Four local residents arrested after Monroe Police performs a drug bust

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MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On Thursday, October 14, 2021, the Monroe Police Department received information that several individuals were selling methamphetamine and heroin from a residence on the 200 block of Foster Street in Monroe, La. Officers also received information that a black male who drives a black Audi supplies the narcotics for the residents to distribute.

As officers observed the residence, they saw the homeowner arrive and a black male with a black Audi arrive shortly after. Officers recognized the black male as 39-year-old Christopher Shandell Briggs. Briggs was seen gathering an unknown object out of his vehicle and placed it inside of the home.

After Briggs exited the home, officers approached him in the front yard of the residence and arrested him. Officers performed a search on Briggs and discovered a clear cellophane bag of marijuana in his front right pants pocket. Officers also found a black digital scale covered in methamphetamine in the center console of his vehicle.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the home and conducted a protective sweep of the residence. While in the front yard, officers came in contact with 37-year-old Eric Michael Wilson. Officers searched Wilson and found a maroon bottle cap in his front left pocket that contained crystal methamphetamine shards inside of it.

Once officers entered inside of the residence, they made contact with 30-year-old Lindsay Elaine Stroud who was walking out of the bathroom. Officers discovered two loaded syringes in the bathroom Stroud came out of. Officers also found a subutex and a large digital scale with methamphetamine residue on top of it in a bedroom.

Stroud admitted that the subutex belonged to her and the bedroom where the scale was located is her bedroom. Stroud also denied any knowledge of the loaded syringes.

While inside of the home, officers made contact with 54-year-old Willis Schevell England who was in the front laundry room. England had several active warrants and was arrested at the scene.

Stroud was charged with two counts of Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance. Wilson was charged with Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance. Briggs was charged with Possession with Manufactor of a Controlled Dangerous Substance and Distribution Possession with Intent Manufactor of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.

After the protective sweep, Officers obtained a search warrant for Briggs’ residence on the 1400 block of Jackson Street. During the search, officers discovered 17.6 grams of heroin, several plastic bags with corners torn and burned off, and a black digital scale covered in methamphetamine and heroin residue.

Briggs was charged with additional charges of Distribution Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Dangerous Substance, Illegal use of Weapons, Possession of Firearm by a Convicted of Certain Felonies.

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