PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida family just closed on their house Friday, but one of their most precious possessions disappeared during the final stages of packing up.

Steve Neidig is grieving the loss of his brother-in-law for a second time as the urn with his ashes went missing while he was in the midst of moving out.

“He just died six weeks ago and now his ashes are gone forever,” said Neidig.

Neidig is still in disbelief, especially since this happened on the same day he sold his home. 

Neidig closed on his house Friday morning but had a few more items to pack beforehand.

“Someone decided they would clean up the things they left in the house and put it all out at the curb — and someone came along and garbage picked it and it’s gone,” Neidig said.

Neidig is still trying to pinpoint who may have moved the urn to the curb by mistake, but he believes it may have caught the attention of someone passing by. The urn is shaped like a soccer ball which represented his brother-in-law’s favorite sport.

“They probably looked at this urn said, ‘Oh that’s a soccer trophy’ because it looks like a soccer trophy, but it’s not,” said Neidig. “It’s got Brian’s ashes and we sure would love to have them back.”

If you know where the urn is or happen to find it, you can reach Niedig at (978) 235-3385.