SC mother with breakthrough COVID-19 case grateful family was vaccinated

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DILLON, S.C. (WBTW) — A Dillon mother credits the COVID-19 vaccine with preventing her symptoms from getting worse after she experienced a breakthrough virus case.

“Everything just hit like a Mack truck. I got really tired, really achy,” Virginia Yarborough said. “Sinus headache came in right after that and it was a headache that was bad enough to keep me in bed for days.”

Her husband and two children experienced symptoms, as well, but were not tested because they were already in quarantine.

She said her symptoms were severe, even with the vaccine.

“The sore throat was really bad. It felt like I was swallowing rocks or glass,” Yarborough said. “Every time I tried to talk for any length of time, I would just cough.”

She said her family had been especially careful about COVID-19 safety because her daughter, Taylor, has a health condition resulting in heart problems and a compromised immune system.

“Her doctors all told me that she needed to stay away from this because it could be bad for her,” Yarborough said. “Like, we could lose her if she got it.”

Taylor tested positive after her family noticed her voice sounded different.

“I didn’t notice it, I think my mom did,” she said. “I didn’t expect it at all.”

Yarborough said she’s glad her daughter was vaccinated because her symptoms might have been worse. She said she is also thankful because she and her family visited her mother and stepfather shortly before testing positive.

“Here’s hoping that the combination of vaccines and masks is what kept them from getting it because, like I said, I’m hugging my mom and she didn’t get it,” Yarborough said.

The family plans to continue wearing face masks in public. Every member of the family except her 10-year-old son is vaccinated. Their quarantine period ended Friday.

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